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  • i’ve been building something …
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  • here is ‘panorama,’ an improvisatory piece i wrote during LMCML last month in a session with émile girard-charést. 

the piece was performed twice: the first performance was in a large and resonant high-ceiling rectangular ballroom modified with built-in oak book shelves along the walls at the Conseil des arts de Montréal, and the second was in a small parlour-sized hall of a luthier on Rue Rachel where the string players were situated on two different floors with a long and handsome ornate spiral staircase in-between.

the performance was remarkably more effective in the larger and horizontally situated space, where the ping-pong gestures had more space to breathe and evoked a more compelling sense of ‘travel’ across the figurative plane both sonically and visually. 

iow yo i sound like a robot when i write like an academic 

so i’ll just say i think it sounds pretty tight if u have great players as i did, so … get some tight players & have some fun. 

k bye! 

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  • royal jellyyyyyyyyy
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  • i’ve been working on a tricked out score for a new kara crabb play called “ROYAL JELLY.”

ROYAL JELLY is a modern rework of the Greek tragedy Medea. It is about three polygamous wives of the hyper surveillance future who savagely and absurdly destroy their chances at genetic legacy in the wake of their husband’s death, opting instead for a memetic route of evolution. 

it will be running at the arts court theatre in Ottawa for 7 performances between June 22 and 28. 

the score contains menacing MIDI renaissance electro sarabandes and haunting duduk drones that taunt and hocket in counterpoint to polyphonically processed bells. i’ll also be playing a wind controller, which is basically a virtual kenny G sax that is powered via USB. 

hope 2 see you there. 

tickets/info/etc available HERE: http://www.royaljellyplay.com/

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  • "Illusion, dreams, passion, madness, drugs but also artifice and simulacrum were the natural predators of reality. All these have lost their energy as if they were suffering from some incurable, surreptitious disease (that might very well be reality itself ). One needs then to find an artificial equivalent for them. Otherwise, once it has reached a critical mass, reality will spontaneously destroy itself. It will implode by itself – which it is already doing now, making room for the Virtual in all its forms. The Virtual is the ultimate predator, the plunderer of reality. Reality has generated the Virtual as a kind of viral and self-destructing agent. Reality has become prey to virtual reality.”

    - Jean Baudrillard, “Violence of the Virtual and Integral Reality.”

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  • A new piece: A 480. Click the image to hear & download.
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